Information collected while browsing our web site

When you look at this web site, our Internet Service Provider makes a record of your visit and logs the following information for statistical purposes:


  • Your server address 

  • The pages you accessed and documents downloaded 

  • The previous site you have visited 

  • The type of browser you are using 


Access to information collected 

CAPA Inc will not make an attempt to identify users or their browsing activities. However, in the unlikely event of an investigation, a law enforcement agency or other government agency may exercise its legal authority to inspect our Internet Service Provider's logs.


Information collected as part of the membership application process

The Counsellors and Psychotherapists Association of New South Wales Incorporated (CAPA NSW Inc.) proposes to collect personal information from you. The information is regarded as personal information for the purposes of the Privacy Act 1988. The Act amended in 2000 to effect the collection of data by organisations in the private and non-government sectors.


Some of the personal information collected in application forms is regarded as sensitive information under the Act and therefore attracts particular obligations in respect of collection, security and disclosure. The purpose for collecting the information is to enable your request for membership of CAPA NSW Inc. to be considered and assessed. The intended recipients of the information are the relevant officers of CAPA NSW Inc. on the Membership Committee. While the supply of the requested information by you is voluntary, if you cannot provide or do not wish to provide the information sought, CAPA NSW Inc. may be unable to process your application for membership.


Any information collected by CAPA NSW Inc. about you will be stored in a secure environment. None of the information collected by CAPA NSW Inc. will be used for any purpose other than that which is indicated in this statement and Membership Application Form. If CAPA NSW Inc. wishes to use information about you for any other purpose, consent will be sought from you by CAPA NSW Inc. for that purpose before any action is taken. No third party will have access to this information without your consent.


You have the right to access the information concerning yourself for the purpose of amendment or correction, in accordance with the relevant procedures under the Act and CAPA NSW Inc’s Code of Ethics and Good Practice.