Policy & Guidelines

CAPA NSW has now merged with the Psychotherapist and Counsellors Federation of Australia (PACFA) and CAPA will not be taking any further members.


For any information on membership, standards, conditions of membership, PACFA activities etc please go to the PACFA website at:



The CAPA web site will gradually be closed down, however, the find a therapist database search at the bottom of the home page will remain active for the present time. The CAPA office in Macquarie Street has also closed.


Our thanks to Freddy and Melissa for all their work in keeping the office going for so many years.


The Professional Development requirement supports the obligation of practitioners to keep up to date with their profession and new developments in practice.


Professional Development includes the three categories outlined below and the annual PD requirement is 40 points.

There are 3 categories from which the 40 PD points may be accrued:



Category A -MANDATORY:  One hour of PD = 2 points.  Minimum annual requirement – 30 points



Category B - OPTIONAL:  One hour of PD = 1 point.  Maximum annual allowance – 10 points



Category C- OPTIONAL:  One hour of PD = 1 point.  Maximum annual allowance – 5 points

The annual requirement of 40 PD points may all be accrued from Category A if preferred, as Categories B and C are optional.

minimum requirement of 30 points per year via:

  • Person-to-person courses, workshops, seminars and conferences.
  • Participation in online facilitated courses

At least 10 points must be person-to-person activities. The remaining 20 points may be accumulated from person-to-person OR participation in online facilitated PD.

In Category A, Professional Development may be face-to-face, distance and online as long as the guidelines for content and presenters are BOTH met. (Please see below for Content and Presenter guidelines)

maximum allowance of 10 points per year via:

  • Participation in facilitated learning groups.
  • Imparting knowledge relating to counselling and psychotherapy through formal presentations, teaching, research and publications.
  • Supervision participation above the annual renewal requirement (Peer Supervision cannot be used to meet this requirement)

maximum allowance of 5 points per year via:

  • Contributing to the counselling and psychotherapy profession through involvement in the CAPA NSW or PACFA Board and committees that supports the development of the professional identity of counselling and psychotherapy in the wider community.
  • Self-directed learning, logged in a reflective journal, including:
    - Reading and taking notes of psychotherapy and counselling journals and books;
    - Participation in online non-facilitated courses
    - Participation in peer learning groups

CAPA PD Guidelines for Content


  • Material should be relevant to ongoing clinical practice.
  • Material should be relevant to core competencies of psychotherapy and counselling practice.

CAPA PD Guidelines for Presenter/s


  • PD presenters must be either appropriately qualified members of PACFA MA’s or presenters who are eligible for membership or those who are recognised by the profession as having advanced expertise in the topic being addressed.
  • PD presenters should be qualified in one of the following fields: counselling, psychotherapy, psychology, psychiatry, mental health or social work.
  • Any PD approved by the Australian Psychological Society (APS), which also meets the CAPA NSW guidelines for content and presenters, and does not conflict with CAPA NSW policy in general, will be recognised by CAPA NSW.
  • Any PD focussing on Mental Health will be accepted.

What does NOT count as acceptable Professional Development by CAPA NSW?

  • Working with bodies who are lobbying about counselling or psychotherapy
  • General Senior First Aid Certificates
  • Work Cover information/training workshops
  • Marketing yourself or your practice workshops, seminars and conferences

Providing evidence of Professional Development hours

You must keep and submit to CAPA NSW as and when required, documented proof of the PD Event/s you have attended. Essential information required on PD documentation:

  • Date of PD
  • Number of hours the presentation lasted.  When claiming training courses or any university counselling and/or psychotherapy training, please ask the training body to give you a letter detailing the hours related specifically to counselling and/or psychotherapy training.
  • The name and qualifications of the presenter/s which clearly shows the presenter meets the CAPA NSW PD Guidelines for presenters
  • The topic of the presentation that clearly shows it meets the CAPA NSW PD Guidelines for Content.

When attending any event please request a Certificate of Attendance and ensure that it contains all the documented proof required by CAPA NSW.

If a Certificate of Attendance is not offered please request a letter verifying your attendance and the above-mentioned essential information. If you make this request prior to attending, most organisers will have it ready for you on the day.

Failure to provide CAPA NSW with appropriate PD documentation will mean that your CAPA NSW Membership Renewal or Regrade application cannot be approved until and if you can substitute it with acceptable documentation.

Please send a copy of your PD Certificates of Attendance and keep the original for your records. We will not return the documentation you sent to us.



Please send a copy of your PD Certificates of Attendance and keep the original for your records.

CAPA NSW does not return the documentation you send to us.