Important information for CAPA NSW Members for Renewals 2015-2016


All CAPA NSW Student, Intern, Provisional, Clinical and Active Life Members are asked to read the


Membership Audit Guidelines


The Supervisors Declaration and Professional Development Declaration can be used to keep a record of hours.



Membership renewals for all levels of CAPA NSW Members take place between mid-May and 30 June annually.


If you are a current CAPA NSW Member you will receive your renewal notice via email by mid-May. If you have not received your renewal by the 31st May, download the Generic Renewal form for your category from the website.


Generic copies of the renewal form may be downloaded from the relevant webpage below. 



Complete and either scan and email, or post your renewal form to the CAPA NSW office before 30 June (i.e. postmarked no later than 30 June).


Intern, Provisional and Clinical Members who CAPA NSW requires addtional documentation from (as part of the audit which commences for the 2015-16 renewal), will be contacted by the Membership Coordinator. 


What happens if you renew after 30 June?

  • A renewal postmarked between 1 July to 15 August will incur a $100.00 late fee.
  • A renewal postmarked between 16 August to 31 August will incur a reinstatement fee of $200 (includes $100 late fee).
  • After 1 September you will have to reapply as a new Member.
  • Lapsed Members must reapply under the current requirements for Membership, with no recognition of prior status as a CAPA NSW Member.


Preparation for your renewal

Members are are required to provide the following evidence with their renewal form: