Short survey for Members wishing to provide future Critical Incident Support

15 Jan 2015

After the tragic events of the Martin Place siege, a number of members suggested they would like to be in a position to offer their assistance following such events, should they occur in the future.

They have stated that they would like to be in a position to volunteer their services to help address the psychological difficulties that people may have immediately following, or shortly after critical incidents.

While similar incidents, such as the Martin Place one may occur again in the future, it is certain that we as a community will face natural and man-made incidents that will have the potential to traumatise a number of our fellow citizens.

Whatever the nature of the tragedy, some members have suggested that they would like to be in a position to offer their assistance on a voluntary short term basis immediately following such an event. They have also suggested that it would be good for CAPA to be able to approach the relevant authorities at such a time with the intention of being able to offer significant support in a coordinated way when it is most required.

As such, the Executive has prepared a brief survey (8 questions that will take less than five minutes to answer) to gauge member interest in being involved in short term, voluntary critical incident responses and psychological first aid immediately following tragic incidents or disasters.

To answer the survey please copy and paste the link below:

The survey will be available until the 19th of January 2015.

Filling in the survey does not commit you to volunteering, but will enable the Executive to evaluate the interest in being involved in such an initiative. It will also highlight the level of experience and training in critical incidents and psychological first aid that exists within our membership base. Additionally, it will allow us to assess additional training, that may need to be offered, to assist member volunteers to be able to offer high quality psychological first aid or critical incident support.

Additionally, you may be aware of providers of training in this area, that you could recommend to the Executive, in case we need to provide professional development around critical incident responses.

If you do, or wish to provide any other input on this initiative, please do not hesitate to contact me, other members of the Executive or leave your details with the office.

Many thanks for your time
Barry Borham
President CAPA NSW