Debrief: AGM 2014

Debrief: 2014 Conference




Debrief: AGM 2014

Our 2014 AGM, held in North Sydney on Saturday 25 October, was chaired by outgoing President Gina O'Neill. Gina provided a review of her tenure and tabled reports from each of the committees. The AGM was attended by 42 people and the mood was enthusiastic and supportive. All reports have been circulated but it is worthwhile stating in this debrief that the organisation is in good shape in terms of financial position and membership base.


Several motions were passed prior to the commencement of elections of office holders to the Executive Committee. Susan Hamilton, herself a past President, once again stood in the position of moderator for the electoral process. Gina O’Neill stood down as President and will automatically take on the position of immediate past president on the new Executive. Ebi Cocodia stood down from her position of Vice President: we pass along our thanks for the work she put into that role and also for her efforts with the Professional Recognition Committee.


Barry Borham and Loretta Walford nominated for the role of President and Vice President. Michele Stewart nominated for Membership Chair and stood down from the Marcomms Chair position. Other continuing members of the Executive Committee are Secretary - Deborah Broughton, Regional and Rural Liaison Chair – Jo Fleet and Slade Hugall – Ethics Chair. With three new members - Petrina Hennessy, Frances Carleton and Francis Kim - nominating for positions on the Executive we have a full complement of members. The new Executive Committee will be formalised at the next Executive Meeting on 10 November 2014.


The AGM was followed by an excellent professional development session presented by Kirstin Robertson-Gillam. The PDE was very well attended and received a lot of positive feedback.



Debrief: 2014 Conference

Thanks to all CAPA NSW Members who supported our 2014 Conference, which was delivered in June in collaboration with PACFA and the Australian Association of Relationship Counsellors (AARC). If the many positive comments received during and after the Conference are any indication, the event was a resounding success.


The Conference theme was Complexity and connectedness in life and love: Working with trauma, mental health and identity. The Conference explored how counsellors and psychotherapists support clients with the complex challenges of life and relationships in the 21st Century, where identity and wellbeing are shaped by the prevalence of trauma and mental health issues, and the therapeutic encounter is an opportunity for greater connectedness in the face of growing isolation in our world.


Sincere thanks to all our speakers, workshop presenters and those who presented poster papers who added so much to the diversity, interest, understanding and enjoyment of the weekend. 


Keynote speaker Emeritus Professor John McCloud travelled from Scotland and his address about client preferences was warmly received by delegates. Our other keynote speaker, Professor David Tacey from LaTrobe University Melbourne, quipped that as a counsellor and psychotherapist with a spiritual bent he seemed always to be slotted in on a Sunday! His amusing and interesting presentation added much to the diversity of Conference speakers, academic understanding and relevance of the spiritual aspect of the self and its importance in treating psychic pain.


We are grateful to Craig San Roque from Alice Springs and Dr Laurie MacKinnon from Adelaide plus Emeritus Professor John McCloud for their outstanding pre-Conference workshops.


A special mention goes to the Consumer and Carer Forum participants, who were incredibly brave, honest and articulate in relating their experiences as consumers and carers in 'the system'. Many delegates have fedback that they learned so much during the Forum and some described it as the highlight of the whole Conference.


Completing the Conference was a discussion about ethics and the challenges facing counselling and psychotherapy as a self-regulating profession. We thank Elizabeth Shaw (Chair), Kym Daly (Ethics and Standards Senior Manager AASW), Philippa Hook (NSW Health Care Complaints Commission) and Maria Brett (CEO, PACFA) and all of you who contributed their questions, comments and ideas.


If you attended the 2014 Conference, please take some time to share your feedback.


PowerPoint presentations from some of the Conference speakers are available for download at the Conference website.


For CAPA NSW Members, a reminder that CPD hours accrued through Conference participation may be used for Membership Renewal either in the current year (1/7/13 to 30/6/14) or in the following year (1/7/14 to 30/6/15). Please note that CPD hours accrued through Conference attendance must be used in one year and cannot be split between the two years.